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We are the home of Indonesian natural stones, and other various product of stones. We specialized in unique and distinctive stone products such as sand, gravel, pebble, pumice stone, flat stone, polished stones, coating stones, cobbles, mosaic and wall cladding.

Our aim is to encourage architects, contractors, designers, landscapers to set new innovative design and benchmarks.
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Selecting raw material

We only took the best raw material from our quarry for our product. This will help us deliver a good quality products to our customer.

Cleaning & Sizing

After the pre selecting process, we clean all stones and continue to the sizing process with an help of automatically sizing machine.


The next step is process it manually to separate broken stones from the good ones. Also within this step, we process a special stone products like mozaic and tile.


Packaging is the final step we do after all others process are done. We also do a quality control procedure to make sure that all stones are in good conditions.


Last, we do take care of your products especially when we load it to the container.

All step from 1 to 5, we do it with an extra care for each process. We always guarantee that we will deliver the best product for our customer!

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