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The Most Exotic : Lava Pebble

 28 Nov 2023

The Red Lava Pebble and Black Lava Pebble is a rounded volcanic material found only in the most exotic locations around the world.

Redish-Pinks and Black-grey in appearance with some naturally occuring earth tones. Suitable for gas fireplace applications. Lava Pebbles provides a premium fire media option to enhance your gas fire feature.

The natural lava pebbles offers a long-lasting and durable product for your fire feature. The natural heat resistance of lava rock makes this a perfect option for gas fire pits or fireplaces.

Some other ways to use decorative garden lava pebbles is to line the pathways through your yard or add them to your potted plants, outdoor water features or feature walls, fireplace or pool.

They are available in a range of sizes and two colors, The Red Lava Pebble and Black Lava Pebble. We stock many pallets of these pebbles at a time, so you can be assured that we can supply your project’s requirements.